La Festa Autunno 2012


Following the earthquake disaster that affected East Japan on March 11, 2011, we have come to the decision that it would be far too difficult to host the event in the Tohoku and North Kanto region in which we had had our familiar route for the past 15 years. We have thus planned a new route that passes by Mount Fuji through the Kanto Koshin’etsu region. We have also taken this opportunity to alter our name from La Festa Mille Miglia to La Festa Autunno - the fall festival - to tie together with our spring festival in the Kinki region, La Festa Primavera.

This decision is not a change, but rather an indication that we are evolving. We will host our official FIVA events in spring and autumn in hopes that they will be recognized widely in Japan and around the world as truly unique Japanese events.

Despite changes in our event name and logo, the three fundamental mottos that we have fostered for the past 15 years - “Always young at heart,” “Friendship among participants,” “Respect for the old” - will continue to be our central ideology.

In addition, we plan to continue our “Ganbarou Nippon!” fund raising activities for our friends in the Tohoku and North Kanto regions affected by the earthquake who have shown us generous hospitality during our previous events.

Come let loose and ride out the gloomy times with family and friends. Join us, get excited, and let us help you remember the good old times!

We live in a world where great emphasis is placed on speed and comfort. Driving a classic car certainly can be rough, and many are unable to make it to the finish line. However, we assure you that the experience of taking command of what can be described as an antithesis of the modern car and overcoming various challenges would be one of the most unforgettable adventures of your lifetime.

We will continue to host La Festa Autunno as a way to offer a life style in which you will be reminded of something important you thought you had long forgotten.

La Festa Autunno Organizing Committee