La Festa Mille Mille Miglia 2013


Numerous stamp rally-style classic car events exist in Japan today, all of which employ Prove Cronometrare (PC), or time trials in which participants compete to pass checkpoints within a given time as accurately as possible.

Since its establishment in 1997, La Festa has been organized hand in hand and according to the agreement with the Italian Mille Miglia, including the establishment of the fundamental mottos, product design, preparation of route books that require communication between the driver and the co-driver instead of illustrated komazu route books, prioritization of automobiles with participation rights to Mille Miglia, and event rules and regulations. Since 1998, Mille Miglia executives—organizer and Secretary General Dr. Costantino Franchi, his staff members, and President Giacomo Bontempi of the Automobile Club Brescia—have visited Japan annually to assist the growth of La Festa and have occasionally taken part in La Festa as participant or staff. This engagement eventually led to Mille Miglia committee chair Gino Danieli to commend the consecutive trials that had been implemented provisionally at La Festa, and consequently to replace the aptitude trial (PA) used in Mille Miglia at the time with the Prove Cronometrare (PC) time trial system that continues to be used today. In other words, the PC trial system being used today has its origin in La Festa.

This October, La Festa will be celebrating its 17th event. No matter how many years pass us by, however, the three fundamental ideologies—“Respect for the old,” “Always young at heart,” “Friendship among participants”—remain unchanged. Although we feel somewhat concerned by the recent surge in number of classic car events, our aim is not to set a fleeting trend but to pass on these automobile masterpieces created by our predecessors to the next generation and to establish them as a fundamental part of our culture. To achieve this goal, furthermore, it is necessary to uphold the dignity of high-class classic car rallies, whose notion is often misunderstood. No matter how rare and valuable the car, its driver must maintain elegance and grace. The driver must be one with the vehicle; only when a vehicle is driven by a person with a fitting, sportsmanly spirit, does it truly shine.

“Persistence is strength.” We are driving forward to the future.

La Festa Mille Miglia 2013 Organizing Committee