Currently, the events worldwide that have received authorization to use the red arrow mark, the official symbol of the Mille Miglia committee of Italy as sister international events are "1000 Millas Sport" of Argentina, "California Mille" of the USA, and "La Festa Mille Miglia" of Japan.

"La Festa Mille Miglia" commenced in 1997, and last year, the fifth event was held, the first step in the long-term objectives. During these five years, we have maintained constant liaison with Mille Miglia committee of Italy, and the initial objectives of getting all concerned such as participants, spectators, sponsors, local authorities, police authorities and the media, and so on to be aware of the significance of the event and to enhance its significance and its benefits to society has now been attained.

The second stage objective of La Festa over the next five years is to increase the popularity of this event, not only from the domestic viewpoint, but also to encompass a larger area of the globe. This objective can be attained through the unification of the enthusiasm, friendship and trust of all involved.

However, as the event grows, a number of new objectives will emerge. There is a tendency for people to look on this event as a pastime for a handful of rich people, the car collectors and car enthusiasts, and there is also a possibility this could be mistakenly seen as a snob event and so invite criticism from that aspect.

These misconceptions and criticisms could very well occur in Japan due to the fact that classic car sports events have not taken root in Japan. This could also be due to the historical differences between the original "Mille Miglia" in Italy, which commenced in 1927, as well as differences in perception of the car culture between Japan and Europe. However, after a history of five years of holding "La Festa Mille Miglia" in Japan, the same kind of atmosphere as the original Italian event is beginning to emerge. This can be seen in terms of the friendship that links all the people who meet at these events, engendered by the common bonds participants feel as they have an average age of over 50, and they all face the task presented by having to reach a goal 1,000 miles away, a task that is difficult for older cars.

That is to say, this event is not for mere amusement and pastime for collectors and car buffs. In reality, it is a sports culture event for people who have not lost the magic of their childhood. Once a year they come with their families and friends, and using ancient cars that are much more troublesome to operate than the cars of today, they come into friendly contact with the people along the way as they valiantly complete the course.

Thus, although many more people may become aware of this event, it will never become a boom happening. However, it will expand the circle of friendship, and it will build up sufficient achievements to become a major cultural event on the international scene as well as in Japan.


In order to attain this objective, it is essential for all concerned to have a common purpose, which encompasses the spirit of friendship and humanity in these events, and based on this, we must seek to ensure the growth and success of the event. In addition, we must also have a "sense of commitment" in terms of fully grasping the benefits to society and significance of this event, and demonstrating these benefits through our behavior.

The event last year covered 47 towns and villages including many new encounters in Tokyo and the other ten prefectures covered. The spectators and supporters along the course ranged from young to old and exceeded 70,000 people. However large the event becomes or however many famous cars take part, we must never forget that the meaning of this event lies in the friendly encounters it engenders among people. We seek to propagate this spirit of friendship and humanity worldwide with pride as an exciting new aspect of Japan.

From 1997, "La Festa Mille Miglia" in Japan has been held with the unchanging fundamental spirit of "revering the ancient" "being young at heart however old we become" and "expanding the circle of friendship among all who participate in this event", and we seek to contribute in a small way to ensure that there will be global peace in the 21st century. Thus, through a step-by-step approach, we believe we can realize this great aspiration.

The longer the event runs, the stronger it becomes. This strength, built up over time, will allow us to realize our ultimate dreams.

Organizing Committee, La Festa Mille Miglia 2002

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