La Festa Mille Miglia 2016

【Day4 & Awarding Ceremony】17 Oct 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto goes wire-to-wire to win 8th consecutive title
The rainy weather on the final day was a sharp contrast to the clear weather over the past three days. For the approximately 250-km traveling, Barchetta drivers put on a rain suit, and some other drivers attached a convertible top. Even in a car with a top, it is hard to see the front, rear, left, and right, as it gets…
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Day4 (17 Oct)
[ Updated:17 Oct 18:29 ]
Rank No. Driver / Co-Driver Car-Model Year Point
1 3 Kyoto Takemoto
Junko Takemoto
BUGATTI T35 1926 27072.25
2 46 Hiroyuki Takigawa
Ryo Takigawa
OSCA MT4 1949 21522.80
3 49 Giordano Mozzi
Stefania Biacca
TRIUMPH TR2 1952 19318.80
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