La Festa Mille Miglia 2017

【Day4 & Awarding Ceremony】16 Oct 2017
Yokota and Oki win first title ever in 10th year
A cold rain was falling in the morning on the final day. It was hard to cross a mountain pass in Hakone in this weather. A thick fog rolled over Izu Sky Line, blocking the view and their way. The entrants drove carefully on the road to Skyport Kameishi, the first stamp point. After getting a stamp there, they competed …
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Day4 (16 Oct)
[ Updated:16 Oct 21:16 ]
Rank No. Driver / Co-Driver Car-Model Year Point
1 12 Masahiro Yokota
Etsuko Oki
BUGATTI T38 1927 17937.50
2 53 Giordano Mozzi
Stefania Biacca
TRIUMPH TR2 1952 17596.25
3 20 Manabu Yamazaki
Masayoshi Yamazaki
MG C TYPE 1932 16829.20
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