La Festa Mille Mille Miglia 2020



La Festa Mille Miglia started in 1997 and is celebrating its 24th year.

With the start of the Olympic Year 2020, the development of infrastructure has steadily progressed in different parts of the city. Coverage and conversation about Olympic topics has increased.

Japan's first Olympics were held in the 1960s, a time of rapid economic growth called the Izanagi Boom. At the time, the Color Television, Cooler (air conditioner), and Car were called the "Three Sacred Cs". These items exploded in popularity and became widespread in the rapidly developing society. It was a time of big change to people's lifestyles.

At the time, owning a car was a symbol of status and pleasure. However, it seems as if the level of excitement and enjoyment of owning a car has decreased in modern times.

The cars participating in La Festa Mille Miglia were all manufactured before that time. What kind of emotions did people at the time have when driving their cars? What did they feel being seen driving down the street? It is not difficult to imagine it.

Just driving a classic car is boring. There is more than just driving.

There is excitement, but also a "Respect for old things" "Always keeping a young spirit no matter how old you are" and "Expanding the circle of friendship with everyone who participates in the event" that describe the spirit of this event.

With excitement and the three basic spirits, La Festa Mille Miglia will run in Tohoku again this year.

La Festa Mille Miglia 2020 Organizing Committee