Last year (2002) La Festa Mille Miglia was officially recognized as an international rally by the Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens, the first such event held in Japan to be so recognized. This year will be the seventh of this rally. Interestingly, it is said that there is a kind of destiny linking the number "Seven" and Mille Miglia.

The first Mille Miglia was held in 1927 in the ancient city of Brescia, in the north of Italy. The Mille Miglia was a one thousand mile speed race held on public roads. However, in 1957, it had to be cancelled due to a tragic accident. Nevertheless, the passionate spirit of the Italian people
ensured that it was revived, and in 1977, it was reborn as one of the world"s most attractive festivals for classic cars in its present form of a stamp rally.
In the key years of the event, the number "seven" always seems to emerge, and so it has become
a "destiny number" for the Mille Miglia.
In 1997, the seventieth anniversary of the Mille Miglia, "La Festa Mille Miglia" commenced, and so, once again, the number seven has served as the tool of destiny, this time for "La Festa Mille Miglia".

It is generally accepted that seven is a number associated with "luck", and many people feel it really is their "lucky number".

In the "La Festa Mille Miglia" to be held this year, it is hoped that the number "seven" will be lucky for this event so that all those involved, including the participants, spectators, sponsors, the organizers and the staff, will find happiness and the event will end without untoward incidents.

In the competition last year, we received enthusiastic warm support from over 100,000 spectators lining the route
from early in the morning in the towns and cities along the course. As always, there was amicable interaction with the participants as they met again after an interval of a year with smiles of friendship.

This friendly interaction is one of the most important themes
of the Mille Miglia, and is summarized in one of the three fundamental spirits of the event - "Expanding the circle of friendship among all people".
The participants visit many places of natural beauty with deep historical interest and numerous traditional buildings. Through the reunion with the people in these areas,
the Mille Miglia "circle of friendship" is widening and intensifying year by year.

These remaining two fundamental spirits are "Revering the ancient" and "Being young at heart however old we become".

In today's world of advanced technology, it has become a matter of course to replaced things that have become outmoded and to throw things away when we are tired of them.
However the cars participating in this event have been created through the outstanding skill and enthusiasm of the master craftsmen who built them, and they are a precious legacy that we must pass on to future generations as examples of the
beauty of the superb technical art and design of the 20th Century. So, even if these cars are old, inconvenient to use and mechanically frail, they are of great significance.

These days, society is ageing fast, and young people have become the driving force in the world. For the more mature generations, it is essential to keep the flame of boyish enthusiasm in their hearts whatever age they become
and retain the luster of youth as they pursue their dreams.

Do you have a hobby or pastime that you find totally absorbing?

Are there times when you feel really happy from the bottom of your heart?

Do you have your own personal lifestyle?

One solution would be to enjoy La Festa.

"Strength through continuity"