La Festa Mille Miglia 2022

【Day4 & Awarding Ceremony】19 Sep 2022
Just like Last Year, Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto Team Holds Lead from Start to Finish and Wins Title
The weather was a concern on day four, the final day of the event. It was clear and sunny this morning. I hoped this fine fall weather would continue. Italian Ambassador to Japan Gianluigi Benedetti also participated in the rally today with Ferrari F355 Spider, heading to the finish line with the entrants. The e…
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Day4 (19 Sep)
[ Updated:19 Sep 19:18 ]
Rank No. Driver / Co-Driver Car-Model Year Point
1 3 Kyoto Takemoto
Junko Takemoto
BUGATTI T35 1926 59292.00
2 26 Hiroyuki Takigawa
Yu Takigawa
OSCA MT4 1949 42154.00
3 6 Norifumi Uryu
Ritsuko Takayama
BUGATTI T37A 1926 41551.75
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