La Festa Mille Mille Miglia 2022



La Festa Mille Miglia, which began in 1997, will be held for the 25th time this year.

Currently, there are many classic car events held in Japan, but there are only a few events that have been held for more than 20 years. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the participants and supporters who have taken part in past events, to all the sponsors who have supported us in various ways, and to all the local governments who have worked with us from the pre-event meetings to the day of the event to come up with various ideas and welcome us. La Festa Mille Miglia has been able to grow thanks to all of you.
In keeping with the Japanese phrase, "Gaining Power by Continuing"(継続は力なり)we will continue to hold the La Festa Mille Miglia for everyone to enjoy.

In the latter half of 2021, the number of new cases of coronavirus in Japan had been on a downward trend, but since the beginning of this year the number of new cases has been increasing both in Japan and overseas because of the appearance of the Omicron strain. It is difficult to be optimistic. However, we have decided to hold La Festa Mille Miglia 2022 in September with the hope that we will be able to overcome this crisis and bring the situation under control soon.

Although digital technology has become widespread in today's society, more and more people are enjoying analog hobbies such as listening to LP records, taking photos with old cameras, and riding motorcycles.
Unlike modern cars, classic vehicles are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions that can inconvenience the participants, but they do not become pessimistic or upset. In this age where convenience is the top priority in everything we do, one of the ways to enjoy La Festa is to enjoy overcoming hardships and achieving our goals.

La Festa Mille Miglia will continue to run through the Tohoku region in 2022 with the following three basic principles in mind: "Respect for the old," "Young at heart, no matter how old you are," and "Expanding the circle of friendship with all the people involved in the event."

La Festa Mille Miglia 2022 Organizing Committee