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La Festa Mille Miglia 2015

【Awarding Ceremony】20 Oct 2015
The winner is Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto. Won their seventh consecutive title!
La Festa Mille Miglia which kicked off on October 16 came to an end on 20th. The winner is Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto. They won La Festa Mille Miglia amazingly seven years in a row. The winner of the approximate 1,200-kilometer race in total that covered one metropolitan and seven prefectures is Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto…
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Day4 (19 Oct)
[ Updated:20 Oct 10:16 ]
Rank No. Driver / Co-Driver Car-Model Year Point
1 9 Kyoto Takemoto
Junko Takemoto
BUGATTI T35 1926 23273.80
2 73 Giordano Mozzi
Stefania Biacca
FIAT 508S BALLILA SPORT 1936 21083.00
3 51 Giuliano Cane
Lucia Galliani
LANCIA APRILIA 1938 21076.00
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